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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Here is the issue...

~ You wrote a book, and (without being bias) it's awesome and you know it.

~ So, you do all the research thinking to yourself, "I have got this kickass story now how do I get people to pay attention to it?"

~ Suddenly you realize that you're in the pool. What pool? The pool of billions of books and millions of readers.


~ Now you find yourself thinking, "How am I gonna get some reviews? Oh! I know! Genius! I'm submit my book to reviews. That's bound to work."

~ All of the sudden reviewers either won't take your genre or are booked until Kingdom Come.

~ The when you finally score a reviewer--if you ever do--their reviews are unspecific, not very honest, sort of vague and all in all not very helpful at all. You find yourself wonder, "Hmm. What did or didn't they like about my book?"

Honest reviews for all genres!