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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I want to make it official. Not, that it isn't, but for some reason blogging helps make it just a little more official. Lol.

Y: (Looking around) Where's my Official Announcer Person? (Smile with relief) Ahhh! There he is. Mr. Official Announcer Person, can you please take it from here?

Announcer: Of course.

Y: Thank you.

Announcer: My pleasure.(Scratches his throat then puts on his best announcer voice)...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Y. Correa is proud to announce the creation and launch of The All Authors Magazine!
THIS is not just your average reading, book or literary magazine. THIS is ALL THAT and more! Make new friends, reach new reader, meet your next favorite Author or Book, and when you get bored of all that, read some great short stories, and a few interesting articles. And when THAT'S not enough, play some games!
The All Authors Magazine; Advocating All Authors, Reaching All Readers!

Please join Y and the All Authors Family at the launch party on Facebook. ALL ARE INVITED! COME ONE, COME ALL! GRAB A DRINK AND PLAY SOME MUSIC. BUT MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN!