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Monday, August 19, 2013

Featured Author,

For over two years Tyjuana Wilson has written about singlehood while living in Charlotte. Her blog is now a book, a fictitious journey of a writer who is determined to be single and happy.

Tolethia Toy Winnings is on a quest to prove that being single -- and almost 40, with good looks, a freelance writing career and a college-freshman daughter who shakes her head at it all! -- is possible. She tests her new experiment in Charlotte, North Carolina, a city where it seems the current zeitgeist is to be in a committed relationship. Fed up with mainstream media s portrayal of African-American single women, Toy wants to prove that reality is not real and invites her new following to disregard what social media and basic
cable is shoving down their throats.

So far, being man-less seems to work in her favor from a business perspective. Is it all enough for her?

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The mother of a 15-year-old, Tyra, is a freelance copywriter for start-ups all over the world. She is single, and happy, in Charlotte, NC.


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