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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Author Spotlight

G. Mitchell Baker


I really like writing. It is what I do. My fundamental criteria when creating and writing a story is to be both original and interesting. I have written a lot since 1997 and now share some of the results after much of the hard work. 

When I decided to publish, I quickly had a five-year deal with one traditional publisher and a three-year deal with a second traditional publisher both signed within 30 days of one another. Those books are now out-of-print with a lot learned since those experiences. 

“What is G Mitchell Baker doing now?” you ask? 

Well, with perseverance and the fortune of great company, there have been two 2013 releases of my paranormal/metaphysical visionary novels in the Lethal Believers Series to critical acclaim (The Innocents and DVM). The Innocents recently achieved Amazon Bestseller’s status in 2013. In addition, I now learn my publisher, Master Koda Select Publishing, has acquired and added: (1) my first contemporary fiction novel in the Emerson’ Series (‘Involvement’ re-release); and, (2) my young adult family values novel, Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies to round out the Master Koda Select Publishing List for 2013. For such a year in publishing, this author is very grateful. 

I also learned, Master Koda confirmed the addition of: (1) my second contemporary fiction novel in the Emerson Series (‘Consistency’ new release). Master Koda has also committed to the first novel in a young adult biosocial science fiction Adaptable Neo-Nature Technology or ‘ANNT’ series; and, will be publishing the third paranormal novel in the Lethal Believers Series (‘Cave Ravens’). Four novels in three genres acquired and released for 2013 and three novels in three genes acquired and scheduled for release on the Master Koda select Publishing List for 2014! 

So … “What happened with G Mitchell Baker after all the hard work, after all the effort to produce original and interesting work?” you ask? Well I am still writing and striving to produce original and interesting stories … After all, I really like writing. It is what I do, and, my goal is to continue writing original and interesting stories for all to enjoy. 

Oh, and keeping in mind I have such wonderful people to work with … I must always remember how Blessed, and lucky fellow I am! Please accept my many thanks and appreciation to every one of you who support, and who continue to support my efforts to write original and interesting stories. Perhaps my own story is the most original and interesting of all, but I think I will stick to writing fiction. Besides, who would believe all this anyway? I know I am still having a hard time believing this dream! *winking* 

Can this all really be happening because I really like writing and my goal is to continue writing original and interesting stories for all to enjoy? You bet! I leave you now, with many Cheers, and, with Warmest Regards and Encouragement, 

All the Very Best, 
G. Mitchell Baker 

P.S. And please, do not forget to visit me in my ‘Anything But a Tired Barn’ when you get a chance… It is my Author Website, where you can find readers, authors and friends poking around with me, having some fun…


Pagosa Springs, Colorado 

The air is colder now, but neither Danta nor Emerine feel it. There is too much at stake, too much adrenalin flowing through their combatant veins. “I don’t know,” stutters Emerine, “I can’t understand any of it anymore.” 
Danta repeats. “You do not ‘know’ what exactly?” 

* * * 

“It is no longer about the angels and vultures, my friend,” Danta taunts, referring to the characters in the folktale about Little Angels Emerine shared with him not-so-long-ago. “This is no longer just about lying to God. There is the behavioral analysis, our profiling. Behavior reflects personality, the forensics, the dead telling their tales, the living telling their lies. You are a radical, a terrorist, a violator of The Innocents. You will be held accountable.” 
Panicking upon hearing of Danta’s intentions, Emerine bursts from the hallway, the first to reach the garden rotunda. There, the low light casts blue gray shadows against the broken green foliage. “You are trying to drive me insane,” shouts Emerine, the desperation in her voice echoing, “Like you did to her!” 

* * * 

“She was,” Emerine agrees to what she can. “Pauline was so alone, so lonely.” 
Danta continues, “A soft recruit for you, perhaps a target for extortion … at first.” 
Advancing, Danta now stands over Emerine, relentlessly hovering over the cowering, shivering woman in what display of power can now only be considered as crossing over into the realm of surly abuse, his voice rising. “You targeted my wife!” 
Emerine protests, “The public record of the divorce confirmed her loss, clearly identifying you, the INTERPOL officer bent on preserving his clearances. She was giving you everything to preserve your secretive career, a career that could not tolerate a spouse with the onset of a wife’s evolving dementia.” 
“No-fault divorce papers,” Danta explains, “are those papers that do not describe anything like that of which you suggest. Indeed, the notion of divorce can be as simple as claims made at no fault. However, the truth is, my dear Emerine, the system is premised on notions of what to do with the mythical warrior and provider, once they have all decided they can’t get along.” 
“What are you talking about?” Emerine shifts in the planter, but maintains her look of superior disposition. Emerine does not shiver. The cold air appears to have no effect. 
“You think you know me through my divorce,” Danta remains calm. “I’m explaining why that is likely impossible. You see, divorce triggers this insane process for undermining the role of the man, who is supposed to be the warrior, the provider. The system is set up to transfer all the power in the relationship to the woman, the Madonna, or princess, whatever the case may be. The system is oriented to undermine, to weaken the warrior, to exploit the provider and to transfer wealth to the woman, while still expecting the man to continue providing, even after the lawful castration is complete.” 
Danta pauses, contemplating his callus opinion. “It really is so counterintuitive.” 
“What has any of that got to do with anything?” demands Emerine. 
“Well, isn’t that what you set out to do?” Danta posits. “I mean, to take me, the warrior in your midst, the provider of protection for The Innocents and to undermine my role for protecting them, rendering me obsolete … to perhaps dispatch me?” 
“Are you suggesting we are going through some kind of divorce?” Emerine balks, astonished Danta would allow for such a mock suggestion. 
“No,” Danta replies, still standing over Emerine, “I am suggesting you were going to kill me and you chose to turn--” 
“Kill you?” 
“Indeed,” Danta continues. “You have come at me in that spirit, as if to accomplish much the same thing, to extinguish me. Would you not agree?” 

* * * 

“What do you mean?” 
“Yes,” Danta continues. “He knew you had something more to bring to him. He could sense it; he could smell it like any good predator will.” 
“How do you know all this?” questions Emerine. 

“He knew shortly after your first meeting with my wife,” Danta calculates. “He knew enough about your meeting her through The Innocents group.” Danta pauses, appearing to reminisce about the community organization he helped start when the years long ago were more meaningful. “And then the meeting with me, perchance,” Danta observes. “He knew you were putting something together. Predators cannot only smell they can taste their prey if it is close enough. The senses employed by predators are really quite remarkable. The sensors they have, the tiger’s carotid sensors above its incisors,” Danta takes in a deep breath. “But then again, I do digress.” 
Emerine is quiet, and so still. 
“But is it not marvelous,” Danta grins a majestic grin. “The drive produced by such vision of the anticipated kill. It is so interesting. Long before there is available prey, there’s the very fantasy of the kill that motivates to overcome lingering hungers.” 
“It was like that,” confesses Emerine, the colloquy now strangely appealing. 

* * * 

“Or,” Emerine remains steely calm, delivering her counter position, “is it that you are now trying to drive me crazy, like you did to your dear Pauline?” 

The verbal spear hits Danta in the heart, impaling, stalling any momentum achieved in the course of his harsh interrogation. Brought to his knees emotionally with one fell lunge of her sword, any feeling Danta may have experienced until that moment ceases. Wincing outwardly, but subconsciously acting to regain a measure of outward stoicism, Danta tries to gather himself as Emerine rises, starting for the garden rotunda. Walking casually through the open garden, still dimly lit to reveal eerie greenery, Emerine again attempts to flee her past, her present, and perhaps at least some of her future, but cannot.