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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Author Spot Light/Read & Review of Douglas Boren

Author Spot Light
Douglas Boren

When I first started to write my books, I didn’t know that I was going to write a series of interconnecting stories. I knew that I would write Historical Fiction, but it wasn’t until the stories of the first two books “came alive” and somehow transformed themselves into something much larger than themselves. I call my books the “Alexander Family Chronicles,” because each book focuses on a particular generation of that family, exploring the adventures they have and the experiences that define them.

Pirates Revenge starts the saga. This is a difficult novel to “pigeon hole”. Technically it is historic fiction, but it is so much more than that. There is romance, sex, humor, action, thrills, disgusting terror, gore, adventure, education, and the giving of a moral, or lesson. I like to think that in my book, you will see the painstaking historical research of James Michener, the adventurous ride of Clive Cussler, and the shocking take your breath away impact of Stephen King.

I was once asked who my favorite character in the book was. I would have to say that my favorite character is Rafe. In many ways, the main character is really me. He is the personification of what I would feel, think, and do. I readily identify with his anxieties, frustrations, anger, sadness, and ultimately, love.

Having said that, I have to point out that the Black Widow is in some ways, a female version of Rafe (or myself) although a bit darker. I really enjoyed writing about her. She was probably the most “fun” to write about.

But aside from the favorites, I truly believe that it is the camaraderie and bonds of loyalty and love that bind all the characters together in the story. It just wouldn’t be the same without the irascible Angus, or the stoic Baka’mu, or the paternal Sam, and of course, the tragic and beloved Maggie. Captains Green, Sands, Coffey, Bailey, and all the others are based on my real life friends and tend to show their real personalities.

This was a difficult book for me to write. Not because of writers block, or word choice, or grammar, or any of the other usual things you might think. It was difficult because I know the real nature of pirates. How could I pen a story about such brigands in a factual realistic way, and yet make you, the reader, feel compassion for them, identify with them and root for them? Pirates were the terrorists of their time. They were not the lovable ruffians that today’s culture makes them out to be.

This was a hard balance to achieve.

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The tropical paradise known as the Caribbean was anything but peaceful when settled by the nations of Europe. Perhaps the most destructive and brutal terror was inflicted not by navies or armies, but by the ships plying the waters manned by pirates. Rafe Alexander fled England at an early age to join the pirate crew of the Cutlass, and soon learned of the brutal harm his mother endured at the hands of Ramirez, his own father he had never known. Joining the fleet of the Black Widow, queen of the largest pirate fleet to ever sail, he vowed to exact his revenge. But the Black Widow was also driven by the need for vengeance against Ramirez, and she and Rafe plotted their revenge even as their fiery passion consumed them. Together, they would become the most feared and powerful force the Caribbean would ever see. Is revenge truly enough to sustain an empty heart? Can love replace it and soothe the burning of the soul? As events would move Rafe towards the explosive confrontation, he would find out...and his world would be turned upside down.

My (Y. Correa's) Review of "A Pirates Revenge"

A young man—Josh Alexander—endeavors to discover more about his lineage and encounters a story the likes of which he could have never imagined.

WOW! What a rush! I can't even begin to express how much I loved this story. I was totally and completely enthralled. It was THE BEST Pirate story I have EVER read!
It inspired me. It engulfed me in emotions. I cried, I laughed. It overpowered me at times. I mean by the end of the story I was exhausted, in a GOOD way.
Ramirez, was a criminal beyond reproach. The kind that makes your teeth grit with contempt.
Rafe his bastard son, was a good man turned bad.
Maggie, a girl taken from what could have been a good life and abused in terrible ways, yet did the best with what she had.
Sam, a man with a heart of gold but a life that didn't match his heart.
Then there was Angus, Baka'mu, Tiwanne... And the list goes on!
And the Black Widow, of boy! No words, I tell you—I have no words to describe the impact she had on me!

People with lives interrupted, abused and looking for vengeance in the most powerful of ways. Plundering and proving themselves viable or some sort of worthiness, no matter what the cost.
This was the '6 Degrees of Separation' in a world engulfed by Pirates, reprisal and despair.

I think what really grasped me in this story is that I am of Puerto Rican descent, and what these pirates lived through, the places they encountered, the people they saw where my ancestry. So I felt a certain connection to this story in a very powerful way. It was like seeing, through the eyes of the author, the lives of the people from which I derived.

It was AMAZING! Seriously, I devoured an almost 500 page book in a span of 3 days. THAT'S how much I loved it!

Five stars all the way!