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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Author Spot Light & Review: Kobby Tetteh Gyampoh

Author Spot Light of

Kobby Tetteh Gyampoh

and Reviews

As an author, I know inspiration is valuable to writing something believable which a lot can relate.

I will be nothing without inspiration. My inspiration is derived from every day activity in my every day life. I write real, rib-cracking humor and unfortunately, I have a very low sense of humor which makes me very selective of lines I choose to incorporate in my works. As if all that isn't indication that I evoke awkward silence at attempts to crack people up, I don't believe in that 'Humor is Subjective' crap. If it's funny, it's funny, no matter your mood you will surely break into convulsions of laughter. Unless... the 'humor' writer is at fault 

The basis of my inspiration is a relaxed mind. When I am relaxed and not troubled by the usual When Am I Going To Land A Huge Publishing Deal, I begin to think of hilarious, scenes, lines and traits of characters. I get these ideas mostly when I am taking long walks and gazing into the blue above (I am not much of a careful pedestrian in these times. Thanks for asking, but no accident record yet.)

Also, blurbs, books, movies, anything, if it has the chance to reel me in inspires me. The biggest inspiration to the above listed is Movies. Movies make me envisage new story-lines and for some reason that's a trouble, because it's a tedious to keep the work original. As much as I struggle, I hate it when all the effort turns fruitless by a reader saying: I love your book, it's like The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty had sex and gave birth to You Can't Have My Cherry (Upcoming title undergoing major editing, also popularly titled "Still A Virgin?!" on wattpad)

Most of my inspiration comes from friends and readers who read my book much like every author. Even on very bad days I get excited and amped up when someone tells me they loved my book-or even hate it. When that happens there's a flow of endorphins which get me all antsy to pen another title. 

My books are light, fluffy, and humorous. And the major themes I write about are love and break ups which eventually lead to self-discovery (all portrayed in a very humorous tone). My sole aim is to make you laugh, so on a lonely night or a book date with friends, why not grab a cupcake (or something diet-y), snuggle between a couch and a duvet, indulge in my book and laugh out loud (when nothing is stopping you... unless... the 'humor' writer I so imagine myself to be is at fault.)

Reviews of "I Don't Know How She Will Do It"

By Y. Correa
Lily is big girl with an affinity for cupcakes and fast rides, heiresses to the fortune of the Ford family, but in the unique predicament of not being able to have said inheritance until she's married. Two failed marriage attempts, a whole lot of cupcakes and movie later she meets Claire a want-to-be actress that never quite made it yet refuses to give up.

Within trickery and comedy the two girls somehow come up with a plan to get Lily her well earned inheritance.
A story full of slap your knees comedy, women with 'L' names and cupcake after cupcake. A very fun and short read.

I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a not so intense, fun, fast story.

By Marianna Randazzo
This quirky, amusing short story turned out to be a fun, feel good read. I was not expecting the outcome to be as enjoyable as it was. It is the story of two strangers who become friends of two friends and need each other for the right reasons.
In this story you will meet two genuinely good people who have been let down by family and d society’s rigorous expectation. In a good way, they feed off of each other’s insecurities and bond together to finally eradicate the self-doubts that plaque them.
You will also meet all the eccentric “L” initialed Ford relatives who seem to live on a fortress like homestead and dwell on the past and old ways like a religion. It is amusing yet comforting to know that despite Lily’s shocking news, most members of the family are supportive of her decisions.
Without out spoiling the outcome, I give this book a thumbs up. My only suggestion is that the writer gives it one more good proofreading.

By Queen of Spades:
One of this story’s great strengths is the comedic characters and the situations. The three characters I found most entertaining were Lily (the main character), Grandma Lindsay, and Grandma Lydia. Lily tends to go into panic relatively quickly and her way of diffusing situations ends up being comical. I’m a fan of Grandma Lindsay because she springs to action in the form of a well hidden gun when wrong comes to her grandchild. Grandma Lydia I found entertaining because of her lessons in being a good wife.

One of these lessons involves preparation of the gravy. I’ve heard of people saying to stir something a certain way, but I’ve never heard of anyone saying to “stir anything with your butt.”

That, to me, was one of the most comedic lines in the whole story, along with the “grannies swirling their heads to the rhythm of the knees”. I feel like it was a cover up: to incorporate booty shaking in a way that could not be seen as offensive under the guise of doing some hard work in the kitchen.

Another hilarious moment was when Clare and Lily go to exchange the vows. Lily had been working so hard on being original, yet Clare does lyrics from a Shania Twain song. The unfortunate part about it was that the grandparents and Aunt Lizzie didn’t have a clue. It became a competition on who could be the most romantic. Lily originally didn’t think her own words were enough, so she decided to try and use some song lyrics of her own. Unfortunately she couldn’t remember all of the lyrics. Finally, she gave up and went back to being original, which got applause from others.