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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guest Blog Piece of Jordanna East, Author

Writing is Waiting: A Guest Post by Jordanna East

I’ve been writing. And I’ve been waiting. As in, a lot of waiting as a result of my writing. I wrote Blood in the Past as an extremely rough draft, in a tiny little notebook, while I was working in a bookstore. When it was all typed up, I handed it off to half a dozen beta readers. And I waited. I received their feedback one by one and revised accordingly. Then I submitted the novella to an editor. And I waited. Back and forth we went until it was good and polished. Then it went to the proofreader. And I waited. Got it back. Fixed it up real nice. Sent it to the formatter. And—you guessed it—I waited. Pressed “Save and Publish” on Amazon and after several, agonizing hours of WAITING, it’s here. The waiting is officially over (for this release, anyway).
They say “Good things come to those who wait.” And I think they’re right. People wait to be eligible to drive, to drink, to vote. People wait to graduate high school and college. My husband waited years ago for me to be single. We broke up and waited until the differences were mended before we got back together. Then we waited to move in together, I waited for a proposal, and we waited for our wedding day and Tahitian honeymoon. Now we’re waiting to buy our first house. Life is proof positive that waiting and hard work usually pay off.
And I’ve worked very hard and very long to create a fitting introduction to my upcoming Blood for Blood Series. Blood in the Past illustrates the fragility of the human psyche and the power of revenge and obsession, all while subtly connecting three otherwise complete strangers. I hope my readers will find it worth the wait (and be willing to wait for the first full-length book in the series, Blood in the Paint, due out this winter).

Ten Years Ago…
Jillian Atford falls for an older man, a handsome Philadelphia cop, whose mystery is that he's married, a
reality Jillian refuses to accept. Lyla Kyle finds her mother dead on the floor from an apparent suicide. She blames her philandering father and wastes no time taking her revenge. Detective Jason Brighthouse Sr. is in the wrong place at the right time to attempt to save a colleague from his burning home. When neither of them make it out alive, his teenage son can only harp on their last argument. He shoots himself in the head...with his father's gun.
Three lives. Three deaths. One story. To understand the future, you must visit the past.
The Blood in the Past.

Author Bio:
Jordanna East readily confesses that she started writing a novel one day when she was broke and unemployed. Her cable had been turned off. SHE WAS BORED. So she sat down on her bed and started writing...and she hasn't stopped. Though, now she has cable and pens her Psychological Thrillers at an actual desk. Blood in the Past is the prelude novella to her debut Blood for Blood Series, which follows three lives entwined by deaths and consequences, revenge and obsession. Also be on the lookout for The Word and the Way, a serialized novel revolving around a fanatical cult plagued by abusive and power hungry members, sexual abuse, and murder—and the young couple desperate to escape. Episode One of the series will be released later this year.


My (Y. Correa's) Review of "Blood in the Past", by Jordanna East

I have got to make a quick confession, "Blood in the Past" was my first try at reading Suspense/Thriller story. I usually kept anything suspense related to movies. However, this story, instantly captured my attention. From the opening paragraph I was hooked. I quickly related to Jillian  (one of the main characters), and then as the story progressed, I found that I could somehow relate to each character: Lila, Kyle, Jason, Susanna... all of them, in one way or another. Which (in my opinion) show's that the characters were well written and believable.
As in any truly great suspense or (in this case) psychological thriller, the ending was TOTALLY NOT what I'd expected. Which was (dare I repeat myself...?!)... GREAT! I'd completely expected the heart broken girlfriend to be the culprit, and I was wrong. And THAT, in and of itself, also show's the caliber of skill in the writing of this piece.
I dub this story a FIVE STAR winner all around! I can't wait to read the next one! Great job Jordanna!
Readers, keep an eye out for this Author! She's awesome!