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Friday, May 24, 2013

Author Interview: Lisa Day

Cassie was now alone with her husband dead and son abducted. She stood before the one she hated. Her only goal: Her child must live.

The instant Wolfkeeper took the child all three of their lives were be forever changed. To save them all, Cassie had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

As a warrior without a heart Wolfkeeper took from her everything she loved. As a man he discovered she filled his heart. How will he ever be able to make amends?

Please, introduce yourself. Hi. I’m Lisa Day. I hale from New Jersey too many years ago to matter. I now reside in the Carolinas with my husband and our saved from a puppy mill dog. 

Lisa Day Author
"Wolfkeeper's Woman"

What brought you to writing? How did you start?

I always had stories in my head I’d replay when I had quiet times. It wasn’t until I was retire that I had the desire to put the to paper so to speak. I original started just to entertain myself. After I When I finished it I shared one with a friend who encouraged to me see where it would go. 

Do you write exclusively in a single genre? 
For the most part, yes. I like the Historical Fiction/Romance, but I I have written a couple of contemporary pieces. 

Tell us about your book.
My latest book is titled ”Wolfkeeper’s Woman.” A story about a Native American Warrior who takes a woman young child. When he realizes how small the child is he goes back for the mother. He goal was for the child to survive the trip back to the village. As the couple interacts he must deal with developing feelings for someone he and his people consider an enemy. How does he get her to care about the man who killed her husband and has given her child to another woman? 

Tell us about your characters.
Wolfkeeper is a well respected member of his tribe. A strong vile man with strong convictions. Cassie the mother was raised in an orphanage and all her life others made decisions for her. She must learn how to stand up for herself and make wise choices that could bring peace back into her life. 

Do you have any future books planned?
Yes, I do I am almost ready to release Savagery and Civility * six women on the Santa Fe Trail. 

Where can we purchase your book?

Where do you see yourself, in regards to your writing career, in 5 years?
Not sure how to answer that one. Due to some health issues the answer is up in the air for now. 

Who has/have been your biggest support(ers)?
Early on Christine E Black a writer friend for Canada. More recently Brenda Perlin from California. 

Tell us something we don't know about you.
The cartoon character Maxine explains my life and feelings about things almost to a tee. The creator of it understands grouchy old ladies.


He handed Cassie five containers to be filled with water, and Wolfkeeper pointed to a small creek hidden in the brush. Still wrapped in the blanket, Cassie moved to the creek. She filled three skin bladders and two canteens. Noticing she left his flask for last, she smiled.

‟I’ll fix you.” Cassie stirred the spot in the creek she used and let the dirt enter the canteen with the water, so there was more dirt than water filling it.

Returning with her burden, each man took his own water supply from her. Cassie handed the gray metal one to Wolfkeeper. He took the blanket from her, as he prepared the horse for the day’s ride. The six riders and one child continued their ride. Only five riders looked forward to reaching their destination.


The sun moved high in the sky before they took a much-needed break. The day before, Swift Arrow shared his water with her. Thankfully, Cassie had Timothy at her breast when Wolfkeeper took a swig from his canteen and immediately spit it out.

He closed in on her, and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the child with her. It now became a battle of wills, as he stood still as a rock, while staring down at her.

Cassie had waited all morning for this. She had wanted to have a good laugh at his expense. But she wasn’t laughing. 

"Damn, damn,” she grumbled. When she saw Prancing Bear was coming for the boy. The baby was taken away.

Wolfkeeper squatted down close to her. He pushed the canteen into her hand and said, “Drink, stupid woman. DRINK!”

There was nothing she could do, except drink. Ever so slowly with her eyes locked on to his, Cassie tipped the container to her lips, hoping the dirt would remain settled if she gingerly drank.

"No, this way woman.” He grabbed the canteen and forcefully tipped it up completely, so she received a mouthful of dirt the same as he. When she went to spit it out, his hand covered her mouth, stopping her. ‟Swallow it!”

Cassie didn’t need to understand his language to know what he demanded. She shook her head no.

“Swallow it!”

The dirt and grit filled Cassie’s mouth and throat as she did. The remaining grit irritated her teeth and gums.

The next time Swift Arrow offered her water, Wolfkeeper stopped him. He handed his metal canteen to her instead. Swift Arrow nudged his horse to return to the rear of the riders.

Cassie handed the canteen back without bothering to drink from it. She noticed Wolfkeeper never took from anyone else’s water supply either. He went without as well. The supply she had ruined was his. He would accept the consequences for her actions, the same as she.