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Saturday, February 2, 2013

2/2/13 - Things that HAVE to be said!

Maybe I'm in an ornery mood. Or maybe I'm just tired of people and their petty complaints. But, I just can't keep it to myself any longer. I'm so tired and fed up with people and their ridiculousness.

Like 99% of the world, I too have a Facebook account, along with several other internet networking accounts. And, like most people, I visit them on a daily basis.

People, I have got to say - DRAMA IS UNNECESSARY!!

So, having reached my limit of "drama" for a lifetime, I decided to make a "post" about my thoughts on people and their insignificant moaning on my Facebook account, and could you believe that it got "flagged" and removed - simply because I voiced my thoughts. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. So, what I'm being led to believe is that there is freedom of speech for people that like to complain and grumble about stupidities, yet, I can not speak my mind...? Crazy!

Maybe it's just me, but I believe that ignorance IS NOT bliss. I prefer to be educated. However, I suppose that being educated has it's penalties, as because of it, I am considered a heretic.

So here is what I have to say, and to whomever the shoe may fit - please, feel free to wear it...

90% of what happens in our lives, is in DIRECT accord to whatever choices we make.

If you choose to NOT pay your bills, then guess what...? You'll be without utilities and anything else that requires payment. IE: A cellphone, internet, even a roof over your heard.

If you choose to be with an abusive/controlling/dead beat/cheating partner, then you are giving him/her the right to do it, and in so doing will have to deal with the repercussions. So please, do not complain of their actions.

If you KNOW you have no money, DO NOT go shopping and give them a bad check. Why...? Cause it'll come back and bite you in the ass, and ramifications will have to be faced.

If you hate your job, your life, your school, your house, even your pet for crying out loud... CHANGE IT! No one controls your life but YOU!! NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU DO WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO!

So, if you're able to control the situation - then CONTROL it! Here is something my Son-in_law says, "Life is hard enough with the things you can't control. Then why complicate it even more by not dealing with the things you can...?" and truthfully, I couldn't agree with him more.

Yet, here is the kicker - at least in MY opinion, and of course, an opinion is like an asshole - everybody has one. But, here it goes anyway.

People do stupid shit, then they sit and cry about it, praying, and ask God to help them out of the situation. Like God is gonna write a check and send it to the store for you. REALLY PEOPLE?!?

Ok guys, let me be real with you for a minute (because that's just who I am - sometimes, honest to a fault). ...

God will not help you out of a situation that you, yourself caused!! He won't abandon us - yes. He will forgive us - of course. He'll even stand by our side - He's just that awesome! But, I can't recall anywhere in the bible that says that He'll bail us out of consequences of our STUPID actions.

Some people will say, oh but the bible says "All things work out for good for those who trust in God". Do you really know what that means? Probably not, so here it is...

It means that God will not bail you out, but in the end, if YOU work it out and fix the problem, all the while trusting in HIM to give you strength to do so, then and ONLY THEN will things work out!

No one ever said you had to be perfect, but God gives us strength so that even with our imperfections we can make good choices. Yet, if for some reason we CHOOSE incorrectly, He'll give us strength to endure and in time, make things better.

Now please do not misconstrue this with me saying that I don't believe in God or miracles. I do! My life is a miracle given to me by God!
But, please, for all that it's worth... QUIT the absurd whimpering, and FIX IT!

Ok... I said what I had to say. It's up to you to accept that truth, or reject it. Some people enjoy living with and in drama, as it's the only thing that gives their life purpose and/or helps them feel alive. But, FOR ME...? A drama free life, is best. And I thank God, for giving me the knowledge understand these things.