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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sharing some stories

Hello everyone,
Today I just thought that I'd share some stories with you all. My two most recent Short Stories. Both erotic, paranormal, fantasy. I hope you enjoy them....


Reveling in my Angel
Part 1 of the
Love, Lust and Angels Series
By: Y. Correa

A girl who's life is on the line, may very well be making love for the very last time in her life.

An Angel whom was sent to help her through this hard time, will encounter what it is to make love for the very first time.

Jeremiel, is the Archangel, patron of Mercy and Grace. Naomi, a girl that has just found out that her world has fallen apart. Together they discover more then just comfort and solace - they discover love.

Savoring my Angel
Part 2 of the
Love, Lust and Angels Series
By: Y. Correa

Jeremiel, has no idea what it is that he feels for Naomi. One thing is certain, he needs her, and he's made that very clear.

Naomi, has fallen in love with Jeremiel, and doesn't know what to do, so she besides that maybe she should just enjoy it. She doesn't have long left to live anyway, so she mine as well get the best out of the situation. 

Part 2 of the "Lust, Love and Angels Series", the continuation of "Reveling in my Angel" the story of Naomi and her angel Jeremiel.