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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interview of Author Michelle Hughers


Author Name:
Michelle Hughes
Book Title:


Undercover Submissive

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Full Biography:
Michelle Hughes has a unique style that romance readers can't get enough of. From vampires to sexy Sheik's take a walk on the dark side of sensuality because Michelle is turning on the heat and no subject is taboo when it comes to Michelle's idea of romance. Like a slow burn on a hot southern night you'll never be the same.
When Michelle is not writing, her husband and five children can be found enjoying all the delights that Alabama offers. She also maintains the Books Debut for authors ( and is always willing to offer her experience to those that are just starting out.
To discover more about Michelle Hughes, stop by one of her homes on the web ( and Twitter fans will find her @MichelleHughes_ and facebook enthusiasts can visit her author page on Facebook. For a complete book listing, visit the Amazon Page for her work.

1. What made you decide to write this book?
Undercover Submissive was one of those books that I honestly was worried about sharing with the public. The topic of BDSM has long been associated with trashy smut and I honestly didn't want my name associated with that. I had done years of research on this topic and what I was seeing just didn't fit the norm for the books that were being presented to the public. So I took a deep breath and finally let my creative muse run free and decided it was time to share this book, sink or swim.

2. What is the genre?
Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey I felt comfortable placing this book in the Contemporary Romance category. I'll be completely honest, this book going main-stream was the one reason I decided I could finally bring this book out in the open.

3. How did you start your career?
I started my career in entertainment as a country singer/songwriter. I didn't pursue a career in writing until I made the decision to become a stay at home mom. I never regretted staying home with my kids, but I missed the spotlight. Writing afforded me the opportunity to do two of things I love most: Raise my kids and entertain people.

4. Who/what inspired you?
I think most of my inspiration came from dreams. I loved reading romance books by Amanda Quick, Charlaine Harris, JR Ward, and Anne Rice, but if I have to say where my real inspiration came from, it's definitely the dreams. 

5. Do you have any future projects planned?
I'm currently working on the last Tears of Crimson book from my vampire series, and after that whatever the muse inspires me to write.

6. How long have you been writing?
Three years now, at least as a career. I've been writing short stories for my own personal pleasure since I was old enough to write words.

7. Did it start as a hobby or a passion – planned or unplanned?
Definitely a hobby. When you live in the middle of nowhere Alabama you have to find ways to entertain yourself. 

8. Would you have changed anything about your story?
If I could change anything it would be the fact that I didn't have an editor with the first Tears of Crimson book. That book has been completely revised now and when I look back on all the errors I'm amazed at what I didn't know three years ago.

9. What have you learned in the process?
That you can't just write a book and the readers will come. Writing a book is just the first step and the hours I spend promoting are definitely a full time job.

10. What do you consider your writing style to be?
I honestly don't know what I consider my style to be. I love romance and it doesn't matter to me which format it comes in. I write about things that intrigue me. From vampires, historical, to modern day relationships, if it strikes my fantasy I will write about it.

11. Did you have any support during the process or no support?
My mom and sister supported the idea of my writing. After the first year I think they grew tired of hearing about nothing but my book. These days I have all the support I could want but it definitely didn't start out that way.

12. Who would you consider to be your hero?
I think all people that take the plunge and put their books out there before the public are my heroes. It's not exactly a nice place to be as an author lately. Book reviewers have become critics and it's almost hostile.

13. What would you tell other aspiring authors?
Don't bring your ego to the table with writing. There will be readers that hate what you do and will probably hurt your feelings. It takes a tough hide to be a writer these days. 

14. Did you find the journey to be a difficult one?
Honestly I almost gave up more than once. After two years of trying to get a certain book off the ground I was tired. One promotion turned things around for me and I will forever be indebted to the people at the Free ParTay.

15. What was the happiest point; when the manuscript was completed or when the book was put in print?
I think the happiest point was when I finally started selling books.

16. What are your plans for the future of your writing career?
At this point I'm just going to go with whatever the muse throws at me. Like I said I'm working on the last Tears of Crimson book, after that it's up in the air.

17. Looking back, would you have changed anything?
I would have done more research about my craft in the beginning. I think as writers we owe it to ourselves to understand this market inside and out.

18. Do you feel that the story took on a life of its own, or did it go just as you planned?

I think this book went as I planned. My Tears books definitely took on a life of their own.

19. What is your favorite saying or quote; and why?
As Undercover Submissive is a pretty explicit book I'll keep that to myself. I will say it has something to do with a certain body part.

20. Tell us something, that most people don't know about you.
That I'm a mother to five incredible children, and that I was a former country singer. I sang all over the United States at one time and even performed with many country legends.

Book Description:
Twin Sisters, hidden secrets, and dark passions.. let the deception begin!

Cayce Miller is a serious minded librarian. She adores her twin sister Cait, but they are identical only in looks. When Cait goes missing and the police department seems unwilling to help, Cayce is forced to assume her identity in an effort to discover the truth.
Taking her sister's place leads to a charged and dangerous game, played in a steamy world where all the rules have changed. Time is running out and Dylan St. Clair may be her only source of hope in revealing her location.
Will going undercover destroy Cayce or will it reveal a side to her she never knew existed?
Only time will tell in this tense erotic thriller ....

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