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Thursday, December 29, 2011


The New Year (2012) is coming sooner than what we would have expected.

I've learned A LOT with this year that passed.

1) I've learned that this world is growing colder with every passing year. Peoples hearts have lost a sense of caring and giving. I realize that the economy is hard. But, still you can give - without giving money. You can care without getting hurt. Still if you put your heart and soul into things YOU can make YOUR world a brighter place... I won't say "the world" because that is nearly impossible. It's so sad to see that people have lost their sense of caring. A cold heart is an ugly place.

2) I've learned that giving up is NOT an option. I've never really been the type to give up - but this year has affirmed that belief in me and strengthened it more than it has ever been.

3) I've learned that if you make a choice, and stick to it, anything is possible. I've gone through so many up's and down's this year - seems like the down's have out weighed the up's.... But, in all actuality, having had the down's has made me learn how to appreciate the up's a lot more. I've hit so many mile this past year. I've gotten to a place were I'd never dreamed I  would be. A published Author of NOT 1 but 2 full length novels and become a part of a community of Writers and Authors such as myself validates that the hard work was not in vain. I've reached something that NO ONE in my family has, even though I got so much negative feedback. The journey has been worthwhile - even though many times I've felt like I was on the journey alone.

These are just some of many things that I've learned this year. I hope that you all have learned something as well. Life is a learning experience - and every experience is something worth treasuring.