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Friday, December 23, 2011

12/23/2011 Thankfull

I've been so blessed that in that last couple of months I've befriended great Authors, and people such as myself. People that have a great respect for the written word and appreciate the art of literature. I feel as if my adventure were only now beginning – as if I still have a long road to travel. However, I'm up for the challenge of conquering that long road that lies ahead of me. I'm not afraid. Just anxious... I'm not sure why I feel anxiety. Possibly it's anxiety of the unknown, or of unfair criticism, or of nonacceptance. Yet, even with that, I still don't care. I'm still not worried. I know my talent, I know my place – and it took me a very long time to figure that out. It took me my entire life to figure that out. In all of my adult life, I've looked for a place, a career, a path in which I would feel content and accomplished and though some offered momentary happiness, only in writing have I found me real sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Every morning I awake with my characters and stories in my mind, and every night I lay to bed with them still in my head. They remain there, as if my characters had a life of their own and as if they spoke to me on a daily basis. Only a true artist knows what I am talking about. Your characters come to life and speak to you, argue with you, console you and carry you along to a place where you much rather be.

I've been so grateful to find people much like myself, because I spent a long while thinking that I was alone in this world of creativity. Most of my family and friends didn't understand and it was hard for me to explain it to them. Not because I am bad with words, but because they just didn't understand, it was way past their understanding, to even fathom what I was sharing.

So there I sat; either not being understood, being shunned or being criticized. Now, I feel like I'm acquiring a family in this art they call “the written word” and the feeling is fabulous!

I've been able to mentor some, guide others, and be guided by the masters. It's an amazing feeling indeed!

I've made it my mission to bring Writers of all walks of life together. This game we call “Writing” is not a competition of “who's book is better”, but much rather an “Art” that we share with the world. I think of it this way...

Imagine for a moment an old, large museum, filled wall to wall with all kinds of exotic arts, painting, sculptures and things of that nature. The owners of the museum, ask for a fee in order for the public to enter, but once the public has entered they are encountered with numerous forms of ART. All kinds of art. The browse the floors gawking and staring in awe at the things before them. Appreciating the originality and the nature of said piece, and when they've gotten their fill of great art, they turn around, leave and shut the door. Having left that place with a sense of completion and appreciation for the amazing things they learned and partook in.

It is much the same with books, stories and the written word. People pay a feel to get in (the purchase the story). Once they've arrived and paid the fee they open the door (open the book). While they are inside they browse with happiness (reading the story/book) at ALL the art (stories from all over the world – all genres and writers). And once they've left they feel content that they were transported to another place and time (completion of the story).

Writing is an art. An art that is NOT a means of competing but much rather a means of SHARING your imagination, in site, feedback, intelligence and knowledge with the WORLD!

Thank you all of my Author friends, you are all fabulous people!

Y. Correa